Ebook Publishing

e-Book Publishing

Want to write your own book and publish it from your own website? Want to sell from Amazon, Lulu or other online sources? WebChoices, LLC, e-Book design, layout and publishing, Cape Cod can help. Ebooks that are converted for download to iPads, Kindle, Sony, Nook and other e-Readers is one of the fastest growing ways to publish your book, and if you want to sell from your website, you keep all the royalty payments.

The ever increasing variety of e-Reader devices competing with each other increases the innovations and lowers pricing making e-Readers electronic content more accessible. e-Readers give the reader a similar look like that of the printed page.

The most popular e-Readers are:, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Samsung, Kobo, BeBook Club, Pocket Pro (not listed in any specific order), and tablets like the iPad or even the iPhone and other devices.

EPUB format: EPUB format is considered the international standard for e-Books, e-Journals, e-Newspapers, and is ideal if you are using mostly text content. EPUB supports adjustable font sizes, CSS styles, images, video, audio captioning, read-aloud capability, limited JavaScript functions, no publication fees.

Amazon Kindle Formats: MOBI, AZW, KF8: Kindle devices don’t use the EPUB e-Book format but Amazon does provide free-of-charge tools for easily converting EPUB files into Kindle formats. Each new generation of the Kindle adds more support. MOBI and AZW can do almost everything the EPUB can. Their latest format is KF8 (Kindle Format 8) for Kindle tablets and Kindle handheld readers coming in the future.

PDF format: (Portable Document Format): PDF format is universal and may be distributed by bookstores or other means. PDFs support layout control, interactivity, images, audio, video, vector graphics, rollovers, forms, JavaScript, zooming, user annotations, bookmarking, highlighting, table of contents and navigation, no publication fees and more. We make sure all PDFs are accessible to people with disabilities (Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act), by making sure all images have alternate text and this includes any video and audio objects. Buttons or form fields will all have descriptions and titles.

Producing an e-Book can involve an individual or group which includes the following to complete:

Author and Copywriter
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer
Photo retouch
Video editor
HTML/XHTML designer, CSS styler

WebChoices, LLC can design the front and back covers, compile your books so you can include an auto-registration number, restrictions on copying along with other restrictions you might want to have on your e-Book. We primarily use Illustrator, Photoshop for image work and In-Design for the text content and layout. We can accept Word documents and PDF files.

Digital Publications have expanded to include: e-Books, e-Journals, e-Magazines, e-Catalogs, e-Newspapers, e-Textbooks and more. Testing on as many handheld devices as you can is extremely important because display and formatting may look different between each device even if made by the same manufacturer. We test on all the most popular handheld e-Readers including the Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Ipad Tablet.

Our conversions start at $300 for fewer than 500 pages and we include 5 images at no additional cost. e-Books with more than 5 images start at $350. Cover design starts at $350. This is approximate, a detailed price quote will be sent to you for each project.

e-Books are a tool for businesses who want to write about “how to do” what they have done successfully. Whether it’s travel, hospitality, helping business start-ups, how to buy and sell and item, cooking, restaurants, there’s an e-Book just waiting to be written.

Talk to us about your next e-Book – contact webchoices@webchoicesdesign.com for a free consultation.