Website Guide

Getting started guide to writing content for your website…

The design of a new website is truly a daunting task when you first start the process of getting all your written materials, images/photography together. You then need to find the right designer or developer who will work with you to build a website you will be proud of.

Where to begin?

One of the most difficult things to do when you start off is to write the content from scratch. If you can hire a professional copywriter to write your material, then you’re all set. If you plan to write your own material, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Who is your target customer…

When a potential client/customer first visits your website, that visitor should easily understand what your business services or products are about.

Present your information to the customer’s advantage. Put yourself in their place – if you were the potential customer what would you look for? What questions would you most want answered? What would keep you looking through in the site?

  • Start with writing a paragraph or two, make a short list of topics, or an outline of related groups of information.
  • Pick two or three of the most important (your target) areas of your business to write about, then move on to secondary target areas.
  • Describe your business or organization in a writing style that gets information to the reader as clearly and concisely as possible.
  • Use visuals, (clip art, graphics or photographs) along with your text
  • Make sure there is a “call to action” on every page that makes it possible for visitors to contact you.

Know your target audience, what their needs are, the answers they are looking for, and use this information to help decide how to organize and write your material.

If you’re looking for a professional copywriter to get you started or write all your content, contact us for information on hiring the right one.

Your visual identity

Your finished site should display clarity, organization, and positive tone. It is very important to provide consistent navigation aids to help readers easily find their way through your website’s pages. Readers should always know where they are, and be able to easily select where they want to go.

The design of your website should also complement your existing advertising and marketing materials. If your visual identity is consistent, people will start to recognize who you are. Even e-Newsletters should be designed to match your site as closely as possible.

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